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PicoPak to Pup: How to Make Spent Grain Dog Treats

Here in the Pacific Northwest, recycling, reuse, and composting are widely practiced. There’s a passion for it, especially in the city. Walking down the residential streets in Seattle, you’ll notice sidewalk gardens everywhere, blooming with beautiful flowers or delicious veggies, made rich from compost-enhanced soil. So here at PicoBrew, naturally, we love the idea of reusable goods. One of the best things about our PicoPaks (aside from the delicious end result) is that they are biodegradable. Whether you’re feeding your…

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Origins of the PicoPak Design

At PicoBrew, we’re proud of our many innovations – after all, we did create the world’s first automated brewing machine, the Zymatic, which we followed up with the world’s first automated countertop home brew appliance, Pico. But maybe the most innovative items we produce are our PicoPaks: our biodegradable hand-made ingredient kits, the casing of which is made from sugar cane husk pulp. Our PicoPaks are created from award-winning recipes from our brewery partners all over the globe. And we…

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