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St. Patrick’s Day Food + Beer Pairings That’ll Shamrock Your World

Here at PicoBrew, St. Patrick’s Day is one of our favorite holidays. Sure, it’s a chance to gather with family and friends, make merry and celebrate the Irish culture — but let’s be honest. At least in the U.S., it’s mostly about the beer.   If you’re looking for some brews to bring to your St. Patty’s party, you could go for the typical green-tinted light lager — or you could pick up something special to honor the holiday’s tradition…

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Inside PicoBrew: Matt

      1. Name? Matt! Is this your real name? Or do you have another super-secret name? Are you like a super hero or something? I also have two middle names- almost had three. I have three older brothers and they each got to pick a middle name for me. One picked “Betelgeuse”, and got knocked out of the running. Where did you grow up? Minneapolis, Minnesnowda. Do you prefer the Forest or the Ocean? Why? Matt from Minnesota….

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Stoup Brewing: A Great Place to Stay

Conviviality, community and big congratulations. We’ve reached a huge milestone at PicoBrew, and Stoup helped us get there! Stoup’s Robust Porter is the 100th PicoPak available for purchase on Brewmarketplace. Get to know the people behind the porter in this blog post by writer Tony Kevin. I was in the corner of the tap house alone, sipping on a delicious Citra IPA, groups of friends and families all around me talking and laughing. It was dark, even at early evening,…

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New Kickstarter Announcement Coming April 3rd!

What does a company that’s enjoyed one of the most successful food & beverage Kickstarter campaigns do for a follow-up? Well, on April 3rd you’re going to find out! That’s right, this weekend we here at PicoBrew have announced that on April 3rd we will be unveiling something new for our thirsty customers: a new Kickstarter launch! What that means, exactly, is our secret for now but for the sake of context let’s review where we are at now and how we got here….

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