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PicoBrew Goes Beyond Craft Beer at CES 2019

The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is underway in Las Vegas, and our PicoBrew team is there showing off our latest innovations in the craft beverage market. Eight years after blazing a trail in craft brewing appliances — first with the pro-level Zymatic™, then with the best-selling Pico line of consumer machines — we’re making our mark in commercial brewing and beyond with the new Z Series™. The Z Series is the world’s first professional-grade, fully scalable brewing appliance for…

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Pico: Dry Hopping

If you’re a Pico owner, you’ve probably noticed that some of your PicoPaks come with a vacuum sealed bag with tea bag-like sachets with hops pellets in them. These sachets are included in only certain Paks, and are for the magical process of Dry Hopping. Often found in Pale Ales and IPAs, dry hopping is a process in which hops are steeped in beer after the brewing process and should be added in the middle or end of fermentation. This…

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Kickstarter is Now Live (and going fast)!

Hello PicoBrewers, We wanted to give a thank you to all of the backers that rushed to our early bird specials this morning. We launched our new Kickstarter campaign today at 6:00 AM PDT and as of 1 PM, we’ve met and surpassed our goal in the first few hours. This is exciting for our team and our customers and shows that the world is thirsty for fresh craft beer brewed by Pico. At PicoBrew, we work around the clock…

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