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Pico: Dry Hopping

If you’re a Pico owner, you’ve probably noticed that some of your PicoPaks come with a vacuum sealed bag with tea bag-like sachets with hops pellets in them. These sachets are included in only certain Paks, and are for the magical process of Dry Hopping. Often found in Pale Ales and IPAs, dry hopping is a process in which hops are steeped in beer after the brewing process and should be added in the middle or end of fermentation. This…

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Introducing: Talli the Timid

Building a strong brewing community is paramount for all of us here at PicoBrew. We work with hundreds of brewers and breweries to build a network of exceptional beer recipes to bring to our thirsty patrons. One avenue by which we go about this is our recruitment of talented homebrewers to create PicoPaks based on their own personal favorite recipes – people like Tony Ochsner, owner of Micro Homebrew in Kenmore, WA. Ochsner will soon be releasing his first personalized PicoPak,…

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