Pico Press Keeps Rolling In!

You know the old adage, “No news is good news” – well, respectfully, we disagree. At PicoBrew, we actually think good news is good news! Which is why we’re so thrilled about all the positive press we’ve received lately – heck, when Shaquille O’Neil stops by your CES 2017 booth, you know something big is happening. During CES 2017, we had the honor of receiving our third consecutive CES Innovation Award. We believe strongly that we’re pushing forward the ways…

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Pro Tip: Fermenting Your Beer

Hello Pico Brewers! I want to share with you some of the practices I use after the brewing cycle is complete. These tips will help to ensure you’ll be drinking delicious Pico brewed beer each time. Two aspects of fermentation to always keep in mind are: time and temperature. Yeast needs time to complete fermentation. Removing beer too soon off the yeast can result in undesirable flavors like sulfur, green apple, or butterscotch. Allowing the yeast to take its time to munch through the sugars to produce CO2 and alcohol…

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Announcing: Two New PicoPaks from Spinnaker Bay Brewing

When Janet Spindler and Elissa Pryor decided to open up a brewery in the up-and-coming Hillman City neighborhood of Seattle, they knew they wanted to create a place that felt like home. A place where neighborhood regulars came in and knew one another by name, where you walked in and felt completely at ease and knew you belonged. And they’ve done just that. Not only has Spinnaker Bay Brewing created a rich experience at their tasting room but they also concoct beers…

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Loud Music, Monk Beer and Secret Taps with Seattle’s Ravenna Brewing

In the hull of Seattle’s Ravenna Brewing Company, there’s always loud music playing. Why? Because, as founder Tommy Ortega says, “There’s always somebody doing something!” The brewery, which began just last year, likes the loud stuff while they create, concoct and clean: rap music or Metallica – and they even blast a little Gwen Stefani in honor of Ortega’s Southern California roots. Ravenna Brewing is also one of our newest brewery partners to join forces with PicoBrew. The burgeoning brewery,…

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