Origins of the PicoPak Design

At PicoBrew, we’re proud of our many innovations – after all, we did create the world’s first automated brewing machine, the Zymatic, which we followed up with the world’s first automated countertop home brew appliance, Pico. But maybe the most innovative items we produce are our PicoPaks: our biodegradable hand-made ingredient kits, the casing of which is made from sugar cane husk pulp. Our PicoPaks are created from award-winning recipes from our brewery partners all over the globe. And we…

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Sous Vide Cooking with Founder Jim Mitchell

Here at PicoBrew, we know our Pico appliance can do many things. It’s an innovative product that removes uncertainty in the home brewing process. It makes fresh craft beer practically with the touch of a button. It works with biodegradable ingredient kits born from recipes from award-winning breweries all over the world. But if that’s not enough, it’s also something of a chef’s best friend! Pico doubles as both a home brewery appliance AND a sous vide cooker. For those…

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Meet Jeff Gill’s Novel Tallgrass Brewing

Tallgrass Brewing founder, Jeff Gill, is not shy. In fact, some might even call him “unflinching” or “prescient”. He is, after all, the fellow who opened up a craft brewery in the heart of the mid-west in 2007 where Coors and Bud Light reign supreme. Tallgrass also creates cask-conditioned beers and sweet brews flavored like Key Lime Pie and Raspberry Jam. But that’s all part of the game when you’re innovating. Manhattan, Kansas, (where Tallgrass is located), is also the home of…

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New Kickstarter Announcement Coming April 3rd!

What does a company that’s enjoyed one of the most successful food & beverage Kickstarter campaigns do for a follow-up? Well, on April 3rd you’re going to find out! That’s right, this weekend we here at PicoBrew have announced that on April 3rd we will be unveiling something new for our thirsty customers: a new Kickstarter launch! What that means, exactly, is our secret for now but for the sake of context let’s review where we are at now and how we got here….

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