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A Roof and a Dream: The Story of Rooftop Brew Co

Back in 2013, I was living in an old, crooked house off Nickerson Street in Seattle. I worked at a job that was only a few blocks down the street so, naturally, I walked to work every day. I had awesome roommates, cool neighbors, and we even had a yard to have friends over and play games. I was 25 years old and was just discovering who I was and the things I loved. A local convenience store was only…

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PicoPak to Pup: How to Make Spent Grain Dog Treats

Here in the Pacific Northwest, recycling, reuse, and composting are widely practiced. There’s a passion for it, especially in the city. Walking down the residential streets in Seattle, you’ll notice sidewalk gardens everywhere, blooming with beautiful flowers or delicious veggies, made rich from compost-enhanced soil. So here at PicoBrew, naturally, we love the idea of reusable goods. One of the best things about our PicoPaks (aside from the delicious end result) is that they are biodegradable. Whether you’re feeding your…

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Meet Home Brew Wizard Denny Conn

There are an infinite number of reasons to chat beer with expert home brewer, Denny Conn, the man whose face (and two-fingered peace sign) graces the front of the Little RIPA PicoPak. Conn has co-authored books on experimental brewing, he hosts two regular podcasts on the subject and he’s been on governing committees for the American Home Brewer’s Association. But something many don’t know about him is that he used to offer quirky challenges to his fellow home brewers akin…

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Kickstarter is Now Live (and going fast)!

Hello PicoBrewers, We wanted to give a thank you to all of the backers that rushed to our early bird specials this morning. We launched our new Kickstarter campaign today at 6:00 AM PDT and as of 1 PM, we’ve met and surpassed our goal in the first few hours. This is exciting for our team and our customers and shows that the world is thirsty for fresh craft beer brewed by Pico. At PicoBrew, we work around the clock…

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