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PicoBrew Goes Beyond Craft Beer at CES 2019

The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is underway in Las Vegas, and our PicoBrew team is there showing off our latest innovations in the craft beverage market. Eight years after blazing a trail in craft brewing appliances — first with the pro-level Zymatic™, then with the best-selling Pico line of consumer machines — we’re making our mark in commercial brewing and beyond with the new Z Series™. The Z Series is the world’s first professional-grade, fully scalable brewing appliance for…

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Our Worldwide Partners

As the song goes, “To everything turn, turn, turn.” And that includes the very planet we’re standing on. A planet, we’re happy to say, that’s bursting with PicoBrew brewery partners. From Hawaii to Ireland, as you can see below (watch out, don’t get hypnotized), the PicoBrew partnerships are both thriving and growing all over the globe!

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