For those in America (and expatriates who partake), Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and as you make your shopping list, two items are essential: beer and pie. They go together like turkey and gravy, and are the perfect way to finish your holiday meal. In this post, we’ll show you what to serve with two classic Turkey-Day treats: sweet potato pie, paired with a Belgian Tripel, and pecan pie, paired with a roasty, mellow Porter.

Pumpkin Pie & Pike Brewing Company’s Pike Monk’s Uncle

The first beer pairing is the Monk’s Uncle Tripel Ale from the Pike Brewing Company. This golden Abbey-style ale boasts complex spice and fruit flavors that bring forth the taste of the holidays. It has a slightly fruity and floral aroma, and is intensely flavored with a moderately bitter finish. Its velvety mouthfeel is a luxurious holiday treat — and it gets even better when paired with pumpkin or sweet potato pie.

The Monk’s Uncle pours with a fluffy, snow-white head and a golden hue to match the pie. And the tastes are a match made in holiday heaven. The spicy clove flavors of the Tripel complement the cinnamon-and-nutmeg kiss of the pie. The high-intensity flavor of the Monk’s Uncle plays well with the mild flavor of the pie. Biscuit notes from the Belgian malts also serve as a pleasant complement to the bready pie crust.

But the most delicious part is the interplay of the beer’s caramel-malty, booze-infused taste with the more subtle savory-sweetness of the pie — each enhancing the other, and leaving a complex honeyed character that lingers on your tongue.

Pecan Pie & Stoup Brewing Company Robust Porter

Our second pairing calls back to the classic marriage of coffee and pie, but swaps out the coffee for a roasty-toasty beer: the Robust Porter by Stoup Brewing, one of my personal all-time favorites. Inhaling the aroma, this beer lives up to its name, with a healthy heft of roasty coffee flavors. An initial taste of the brew reveals that its cup-o’-Joe character is well-balanced with notes of dark chocolate and a malty backbone; a light mouthfeel; and barely perceptible hops.

Medium-bodied and very easy-drinking, the Robust Porter won’t fill you up or give you a sugar rush when enjoyed with dessert at the end of a hearty feast. The coffee flavors are more tempered than the aroma, and its mellow bitterness perfectly counters the pie’s saccharine nature. In turn, the pie’s candy character and dense texture bring forth the hint of chocolate in the Porter, then meld into a nutty, roasty flavor combination of pecan, roasted rye and barley that satisfies the taste buds.

With these new twists on some classic pairings, you’ll be transported to a cozy holiday table, surrounded by friends, family and way too much food—no matter where you are. Pick up a PicoPak of these brews, and share these festive beer-and-pie combinations with the ones you love this Thanksgiving!