We really love our employees. Everyone at PicoBrew puts in so much effort to make things happen as smoothly as possible for our customers. That’s why we want to take some time every now and then to highlight some of our employees. This week we’d like to highlight Adrien. He’s a hard working, friendly soul who loves spending time with his family and on his sail boat. We asked him some questions to help you get to know him!

  1. Name? Adrien
  2. Is this your real name? Or do you have another super-secret name? Are you like a super hero or something? This name is for real. I am no super hero, but I do have some super powers. You too btw, you just might not know it yet.
  3. Where did you grow up? In Paris megalopolis. That reminds me that some like to call me “Adrien le parisien”.
  4. Do you prefer the Forest or the Ocean? Why? That’s a tricky one. Forest feels like home and safe, Ocean feels challenging and exciting. Do I really have to pick? I kind of want both! Forest to breathe, ocean for inspiration. Gonna go with Ocean just because I can.
  5. What was the first beer that made you go: “Oh damn.” I do not get what “oh damn” conveys exactly… I certainly had an “oh something” moment on my first beer ever. It was in the southwest part of France, a long time ago, I was young but not breaking the law by much. The bar was right by the beach, it was sunset after a really hot day. Somebody could have been shooting the perfect ad for a beer… The beer was a Pelforth Brune.
  6. How long have you worked for PB? One year.
  7. What do you do at PB? Whatever needs to be done. I am a software engineer, so I write code, C#, Javascript, Python, Arduino, SQL, scripts, build stuff. I also talk to others once in a while.
  8. What do you love most about PB? Be real here. Dig deep for this one. I want a meaningful answer. DIG DEEP. That is an easy one. There are quite a few things I like, but the thing I love the most is the people.
  9. Hobbies? I have three kids. I love to start new projects to fix our home and learn how to do new things. I race on sailboats a bit, and I can talk about it for a *very* long time.
  10. Allergies? I am allergic to mean and selfish people, which gives me some thoughts each time I sneeze in front of a mirror.
  11. Pets? Always had cats. Got 2 from the shelter 8 years ago. Sister and brother. One is an authentic coach potato and never dips a toe outside, but she can talk back to you. The other one is outdoorsy and actually used to fetch but he stopped doing it after he got too smart.
  12. Funniest story you’ve heard in the last 12 months? Heard on “Fill in the blank”: “A man desperately wanted to get away from his wife. So he committed a crime to get in jail. He got condemn to <blank>”… “house arrest!”.

Thanks for everything you do, Adrien! PicoBrew wouldn’t be the same without you.