Kristina is a Mechanical Engineer here at PicoBrew. She’s been crucial in the development in the Zymatic, The Pico S, and the Pico C models.

Kristina is a fantastic example of what a hard worker looks like, but her approachable personality and cheerful attitude make it easy to have a meaningful conversation at the same time. It’s rare to see someone so intelligent, driven, and mechanically inclined portray a sense of kindness the way that Kristina does, and we’re extremely lucky to have had her here for so long.

Is this your real name? Or do you have another super-secret name? Are you like a super hero or something?

  • Mr. Kristina – funny work story. Kris – family/friends. K$ – Sean’s (software developer) nickname for me.

Where did you grow up?

  • Born and raised in Seattle!


Do you prefer the Forest or the Ocean? Why?

  • Ocean. When I think ocean, I think beaches, sun, and relaxation. I love vacationing to nice beach destinations.

How long have you worked for PicoBrew?

  • 3.5 years. Started as an intern October 2013 – the day after we launched Zymatic on kickstarter. A lot has changed since then.

What do you love most about PicoBrew?

  • We’re lucky we have a full shop where making proof-of-concept prototypes easy and a big part of our design process. It’s nice getting your hands dirty every once in a while and seeing your designs come to life.


  • Crossfit – been doing it regularly for a little over a year. Golf – just learned, I’m not very good but I enjoy playing. Reading – I enjoy me some post-apocalyptic, murder mystery, or CIA assassin book


K$ continues to help set the bar for quality work and attitude at PicoBrew. We’ll say it again, we’re really lucky to have her.