Hello PicoBrewers,

We wanted to give a thank you to all of the backers that rushed to our early bird specials this morning. We launched our new Kickstarter campaign today at 6:00 AM PDT and as of 1 PM, we’ve met and surpassed our goal in the first few hours. This is exciting for our team and our customers and shows that the world is thirsty for fresh craft beer brewed by Pico.

At PicoBrew, we work around the clock to create new innovations for our customers so they can have the best brewing experience from the comfort of their home. Whether that means inventing the world’s first automated home brewing machine (our Zymatic) to creating the world’s first countertop home brewing appliance (Pico) to inventing our biodegradable, hand-made ingredient kits born from recipes from award-winning breweries all over the world (our PicoPaks).

And today we announced the names and prices of our latest innovations: a more affordable brewing unit, Pico Model C; a new brew keg C that’s easier to use and clean; a Brew Unlimited service that’s like Netflix for beer; and a brewing assistant app, BrewPulse, that helps you monitor your beer brewing experience. All with the aim of making the fresh craft beer brewing experience the best it can be for you.

Food & Wine says, “The new Pico Model C should look familiar to beer nerds, techies and Kickstarter obsessives. The earlier generation of Pico was a darling of the crowdfunding community a couple years ago, ultimately raising more than 1.4 million dollars.”

And USA Today says, “New PicoBrew device makes beer cheaper, easier.”

So, please check our Kickstarter page for updates and the best deals around for all things PicoBrew. Thanks and Cheers!