Here at PicoBrew, we know our Pico appliance can do many things. It’s an innovative product that removes uncertainty in the home brewing process. It makes fresh craft beer practically with the touch of a button. It works with biodegradable ingredient kits born from recipes from award-winning breweries all over the world. But if that’s not enough, it’s also something of a chef’s best friend! Pico doubles as both a home brewery appliance AND a sous vide cooker.

For those unaware, sous vide is a French method of cooking in which food is contained in a vacuum-sealed plastic pouch and then submerged in a water bath and cooked slowly, evenly for a longer, slower, more thorough duration. Typically, sous vide works best on meats, fish, eggs and vegetables – and cooks the most delicate, delicious, evenly done steaks possible.

One of PicoBrew’s co-founders, Jim Mitchell, is especially adept at the sous vide method specifically when it involves the Pico appliance. Mitchell, a food scientist, often cooks sous vide for the entire crew here at PicoBrew, offering delectable cuts of beef for steak sandwiches on Wednesdays. As a result, we wanted to share with you some of Mitchell’s wisdom. So, below, are four simple recipes he’s come up with for a tasty sous vide-cooked meal.

Recipe 1 (BBQ Pork/Chicken): sprinkle pepper flakes (habanero, ghost pepper) on the meat and place in the vacuum bag along with preferred BBQ sauce and seal airtight. Cook for 3-4 hours at 138°. Open bag and place meat on a serving platter. Watch mouths water.

Recipe 2 (Poached Shrimp): Place two tablespoons of butter and some habanero pepper flakes in the vacuum-sealed bag containing the shrimp (alternate: add a few tablespoons of IPA instead of the pepper flakes – if you use the beer, try and de-gas it, which is done by whipping it up and then letting it sit for a few minutes). Place the bag and contents in the sous vide machine for 20-60 minutes at about 140° (they can actually go longer if the heads are removed).

Recipe 3 (Poached Eggs): No vacuum-sealed bag needed. Instead, plop the eggs (whole in the shell) into the 145° water bath and cook for twenty minutes. Crack shell and serve.  

Recipe 4 (Broccoli): Place the broccoli in the vacuum-sealed bag with a tablespoon or two of butter. Submerge in water at 178° for 30 minutes. Serve.