What does a company that’s enjoyed one of the most successful food & beverage Kickstarter campaigns do for a follow-up? Well, on April 3rd you’re going to find out!

That’s right, this weekend we here at PicoBrew have announced that on April 3rd we will be unveiling something new for our thirsty customers: a new Kickstarter launch! What that means, exactly, is our secret for now but for the sake of context let’s review where we are at now and how we got here.

Over the years, PicoBrew has announced a line of exciting products – from our smart kegerator to our PicoPaks – but our stable of innovative craft beer inventions starts with our Zymatic, the world’s first automated homebrewing appliance. The Zymatic uses grains and hops to brew 2.5-gallon batches of craft beer in the convenience of your home without the cumbersome pots, tubes and falderal traditional homebrewing has required.

We followed that up with Pico, the world’s first consumer countertop automated homebrewing appliance. Pico uses our state-of-the-art biodegradable ingredient kits, called PicoPaks, born from licensed recipes from award-winning breweries all over the globe. We have over 40 recipes from hundreds of brewery partners all available on our BrewMarketplace just for you!

While all our creations have won awards – from Men’s Health to multiple CES distinctions – we’re now changing the game yet again. Have we whetted your whistle yet? Keep alert and check in with us and as soon as April 3rd comes around, feast your eyes on all that’s new with PicoBrew. Cheers!