When you wake up to Time Magazine praising your product, you know it’s going to be a good day. With thanks in our hearts, we read this piece this morning and couldn’t have been happier with the global publication highlighting Pico first among its seven gadgets to brew your own beer this St. Patrick’s Day.

The afternoon continued with our second day at SXSW in lovely Austin, TX at the festival. We chatted with hundreds of folks, showing them the advantages of bringing Pico into their homes to brew their favorite craft beer recipes (whether made from professional recipes or their own on our BrewMarketplace). After our stint here in Texas, we’ll be off to Chicago for IHA. If you’re around the Windy City, come say hello!

While still in Austin, our VP, Donald Brewer, had a chance to grace the TV screens of thousands of local residents with his appearance on We Are Austin on the local CBS affiliate. “Ditch the morning coffee and opt for a craft beer with your eggs this SXSW!” says WAA. Sounds good to us!

Finally, our friend, Ben Wassell, of Pub Sheds in the U.K. did a little Pico unboxing for his followers. The clip gives an eye into what opening the Pico box feels like and looks like for the curious customer. But don’t just be satisfied with the video, buy your own at www.picobrew.com!