Hello Pico Brewers! I want to share with you some of the practices I use after the brewing cycle is complete. These tips will help to ensure you’ll be drinking delicious Pico brewed beer each time.

The Brew Belt, for those unaware, is exactly that: a heated belt secured around your fermenter to keep your beer at a constant fermentation temperature. It’s the perfect solution if your room temperature is too cool for fermenting ales. It’s also a must-have if you’re doing fast fermentation of lagers under pressure.

Using a Brew Belt is a great solution for those who need a little extra heat to keep fermentation at a warm enough temperature. Instead of having to raise the temperature of the room, just attach the Brew Belt, plug it in, and you are good to go. The Brew Belt raises the temp about 10° F from the ambient room temperature.

I use a Brew Belt regularly with an inexpensive dimmer switch purchased from Home Depot. I simply plug it in, move it to the lowest setting and fermentation has taken off. You will find that by using a Brew Belt and maintaining constant fermentation temperatures and proper pressure, your beer will finish quickly in about seven days.

After the fermentation period remove the Brew Belt and add your dry hops. Dry hop your beer for a minimum three to five days, longer if you would like even more aroma. After dry hopping place the keg into the refrigerator or a cool place undisturbed for a few days then carefully rack off the beer to your serving vessel.

Next Brew Post we will be discussing hops and dry hopping techniques. Cheers!