In the hull of Seattle’s Ravenna Brewing Company, there’s always loud music playing. Why? Because, as founder Tommy Ortega says, “There’s always somebody doing something!” The brewery, which began just last year, likes the loud stuff while they create, concoct and clean: rap music or Metallica – and they even blast a little Gwen Stefani in honor of Ortega’s Southern California roots.

Ravenna Brewing is also one of our newest brewery partners to join forces with PicoBrew. The burgeoning brewery, currently in the process of doubling its capacity in the sleepy Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle, has created an Abbey Ale recipe for an upcoming PicoPak release for our thirsty customers.

“Our ‘Dear Abbey Ale,’” smiles Ortega. “It’s a Trappist Belgian-style beer. A monk beer. If you’re interested in monk beer than this one’s for you.”

But Ortega, a former London-bound information-security architect, says he doesn’t want to stop there with only one.

“What I would like is to do more commercial beers that we sell a boatload of,” he says. “The Abbey Ale is a very unique beer – you’re not going to get many breweries brewing Abbey Ales unless you’re in England, Belgium or, like, Eastern Europe – how many people do you know from Belarus?”

But what are some possible upcoming Ravenna Brewing PicoPaks? “IPAs, Pale Ales, even our award-winning Porter,” says Ortega, “Or our Jalapeno Kölsch. People love that one.”

At Ravenna, he explains, the brewing company utilizes the Zymatic machine to test small batches of beer – some of which make it to the brewery’s “secret tap” that only employees and die-hard customers know about. Some recipes involve exotic New Zealand or Australian hops and others become barrel-aged gems – like their newest Brown Ale.

“All of our regulars, they know about the secret tap,” Ortega says. “They tried our new Brown Ale and it’s definitely a keeper. It went straight to the barrel after fermenting. And we’re also excited for the Belgian-style beers and the Abbey Ale – we love our Zymatic.”


So be on the look out for Ravenna Brewing PicoPaks and in the mean time try one of the many other PicoPaks now available on BrewMarketplace! Cheers!