When Janet Spindler and Elissa Pryor decided to open up a brewery in the up-and-coming Hillman City neighborhood of Seattle, they knew they wanted to create a place that felt like home. A place where neighborhood regulars came in and knew one another by name, where you walked in and felt completely at ease and knew you belonged. And they’ve done just that.

Not only has Spinnaker Bay Brewing created a rich experience at their tasting room but they also concoct beers that you want to share with your family and friends. From luscious IPAs to velvety Porters, Spinnaker Bay Brewing has brought forth beers you want to sip with peers. And while Spinnaker Bay is located in Seattle you can now brew their delicious recipes on your Pico in the comfort of your own home! Now available in biodegradable PicoPak form is Spinnaker Bay Brewing’s Little Dinghy Blonde, a German-style Blonde ale with a Northwest twist.

We’re also excited to announce two more of their beers in the pipeline, currently being tested in our labs: Spinnaker Bay’s High Heel Imperial IPA and The Hummer Amber Ale. Want to know more about them? Read on, thirsty brewers.

High Heel – Imperial IPA

7.7% ABV 75 IBU’s

High Heel boasts a hazy golden hue with a tinge of orange and a white foamy head. A marriage of American and English IPAs, High Heel has the malt backbone of a traditional English IPA that is enhanced by Northwest hops like Cascade and Citra. Grapefruit and tangerine notes come crashing in upon the first whiff of the beer while the toast and biscuit malt characteristics hit high up front. This Imperial IPA finishes with a long-lasting bitterness with a slight piney note. Yeah, we want it too.

The Hummer – Amber Ale

5.8% ABV 35 IBU’s

This copper-hued Amber Ale has a medium hop flavor balanced with initial malt sweetness and light fruity esters. Palisade, the dominant hop used, gives off apricot and grass notes while also presenting a bouquet of various floral undertones. Caramel malt flavors unfold while supporting and balancing out the hop bitterness. This medium-bodied ale has an overall smooth finish with a lasting effervescence. Pass us a few right now please!

We look forward to letting all of you know when both of these PicoPaks are available on BrewMarketplace in the coming months.